Jolla opens pre-order sales for its award-winning Jolla Tablet today

Helsinki, Finland – August 20, 2015 – Jolla, the mobile company from Finland, today announced that it is now opening pre-order sales for its highly anticipated Jolla Tablet.

Offering a truly distinctive user experience with Jolla’s own Sailfish OS 2.0, together with competitive technical specs and a compelling price, a limited Jolla Tablet batch is now available through the Jolla Online Shop.

Jolla Tablet is a fresh newcomer to the tablet space and offers a superb, previously unseen user experience. Like all Jolla products, the Jolla Tablet is designed and developed in Finland with functionality, minimalism and style in mind. In addition to the huge success of the crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, the Jolla Tablet has also won an award for Best Tablet of MWC in Mobile World Congress 2015, the most respected event in the mobile industry.

Sami Pienimäki, Co-founder of Jolla comments: “In March 2015 we showcased the Jolla Tablet prototype with Sailfish OS 2.0 at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. The Jolla Tablet won the Best Tablet of MWC award presented by Trusted Reviews and also received lots of positive attention from the worldwide media and the conference attendees. Since then we’ve received many requests from consumers to buy the Jolla Tablet. Today, we are super excited to announce the opening of pre-order sales – in limited quantities – for this great product, to new customers.”

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