Video I Sailfish OS’s runnig at OnePlus One

You can now install Sailfish OS on your OnePlus One. Last month, Martin Brook a Jolla Community Member, posted a photo of the OnePlus One with Sailfish OS installed. The device is running an alpha build of the OS and released as a first step to the same levels of functionality as the Nexus 5 .

Sailfish OS OnePlus One

Remember: This is a Community Port

1. CM12 users read the note in the end, others go to step 2.
2. Flash the latest MultiROM Recovery and from here.
3. Download and Sailfish OS [Copy them to phone]
4. Reboot to recovery.
5. Go to Advanced;MultiROM> Add ROM
6. Choose Sailfish OS.
7. Choose the and Sailfish OS zip from your phone.
8. Install!

Note for CM12 users:
Adding SailfishOS as secondary ROM will break the primary ROM. You'll get bootloops and need to flash cm12 FIRMWARE (by@mauro.minenna) to enter primary rom or Wait for a fix.

Keep in mind that this is an Alpha Build and it might break or cause problem to your phone. Known issues are posted below.


  • WiFi is not Working
  • Camera is not working
  • Android App Support is currently not supported .
  • OTA Updates is also not supported

If you want to see the HW Support Status for the OnePlus One you can visit this link.

Martin also uploaded a short video demonstration of the Sailfish OS running on the OnePlus One.

For more info check the links below! You can also join the IRC Channel #sailfishos-porters

XDA Forums , OnePlus Forums

Image Credit: Martin Brook


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